What’s New In Android Tv 13

At the Google I/O 2022 developer conference, Google’s Android developer relations engineer, Paul Lammertsma, said that the rollout of Android TV 13 will bring improvements in performance and quality, accessibility, and multitasking. According to the developers and 9To5Google, Android TV 13 will provide several new APIs, including the AudioManager API, MediaSession API, Keyboard Layouts API, and AccessibilityManager API, as well as the Keep-clear API, to help apps work better with TV devices and Improve user experience.

What Is Android TV

Android TV is a version of the Android operating system from Google created specifically for TVs. For example, in the market, we can buy TVs from brands such as LG or Sony that standardize on this operating system. This version of the TV system is designed to give us an easy way to access content and provide a better browsing experience than traditional smart TVs.

From the Android TV home screen we can access content that we can enjoy on our TV, or through streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney + or others. Except for the collections which contain our content or personal channels. Also in this system are recommendations of content that we might be interested in so that we can discover new series or movies.

As a Google operating system, we have access to the Google Play Store in it. Thanks to the store, we can download applications and games on our TV. Many apps or games are specially designed for this operating system, and many others are just compatible, so we can use them on TVs that use this system in addition to our phones. In this way, we will have a better experience using the TV.

In addition, TVs with this operating system are mainly reached through Google Assistant . Therefore, you can use voice commands to perform actions on TVs with Android TV, such as searching for content or changing channels. This is something that is usually integrated in a TV remote, where there is a button dedicated to the assistant, so when you press it, we can execute that voice command directly.

What’s New In Android Tv 13?

The official did not announce the update content of Android TV 13. The currently known improvements include picture-in-picture mode support for changing the aspect ratio and standby low-power mode, but these two improvements were not in the first beta version.

IPTVHOWTO has learned that Google has listed the known issues with the first beta preview of Android TV 13:

The AudioManager API allows applications to better predict the direction of audio and the available playback modes.

The MediaSession API automatically responds to playback device state changes to play content over HDMI.

The AccessibilityManager API brings a new system-wide option to enable audio descriptions in all applications.
The Regions API adds support for different regional distributions, which can significantly enhance the gaming experience.

Keep the API content clear in the middle and block the most important screen overlays on the screen to ensure the viewing experience.

Additionally, an expanded picture-in-picture mode has been updated in Android 13, allowing users to have multiple apps open on the screen while seamlessly changing the size of the picture-in-picture window to accommodate more participants.

Android TV Vs Google TV

 Compared to Android TV, Google TV gives us a design aimed at simpler and faster navigation, as well as more options and activities available. Therefore, it tries to provide a better user experience for users in this situation, it is more personal in terms of available options and easier to use thanks to the updated interface.

Google plans to expand Google TV’s presence throughout the next year. In fact, updated devices can see that Android TV has moved away from this new interface. In both cases, the basics remain the same, but Google has left us with changes in its design and technology that are better for users than previous versions. This new interface will have a place in the market and will eventually completely replace Android TV at some point.

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