What Is OTT Platform? What Does OTT Stand For?

What is OTT platform & what does OTT stands for? Explore the meaning and definition of Over The Top with its working and why it matters to your video business.

Over The Top, also known commonly as OTT, is a technology that enables content owners to manage the process of delivering video content across multiple devices using the internet.

OTT is quickly gaining attraction as a viable alternative to traditional cable television programming.

This new trendsetter of OTT platform streaming is particularly popular among teenagers due to the availability of new web series, tv shows, play stations, & what not!

The meaning or interpretation of OTT has bridged the possibility to watch preloaded television episodes or on any kind of OTT content an unlimited number of times. All of these are structured in a large & centralized library of multilingual movies.

With all of this information, you might be curious to learn more about what does this “ OTT ” actually means, right?

Alright, folks… We are here to unveil this ever exciting subject to talk about which represents the future of entertainment the one that is already taking shape.

What is OTT Platform?

A dedicated OTT platform is compiled with any number of streaming services that is delivered over the use of internet. Its media services are configured to any device & content broadcasters can outreach audiences with their content globally.

For example, consumers would sign up for subscriptions or for one-time view added with in-stream ads in platforms like Netflix or Spotify to access thousands of content from anywhere at any time. An OTT media service is any online content provider that offers streaming media as a standalone product/service. The term is commonly applied to online video platform, but also refers to audio streaming or real-time-based platform streaming solutions.

Usually, traditional media distribution routes such as telecommunications networks and cable television providers are bypassed by OTT services. The best highlight is, as content owners you can provide the entire service whenever you wish to use it, or else you can also allow your users to download videos and play them in offline mode too. All that it takes is to have a stable internet connection – either locally or through a mobile network.

What does OTT stand for? 

The term generally refers to the commercialized practice of streaming content on the world wide web. OTT stands for “over-the-top” platforms, which provide a simple and exclusive way to enjoy entertainment over the internet.

The term OTT refers to services such as movies and television shows that are supplied over the top of the internet by content owners, broadcasters, distributors, etc such as production companies, broadcasting channels, etc.

Paid subscriptions are the most common way for OTT services to be monetized, however, there are exceptions.  Genres of content that many top OTT platforms showcase through the digital source of the internet include movies, audio advertising & albums, short documentaries, periodic reality shows, exclusive premium shows, live TV, etc. The main industry player examples are Netflix, Disney Hotstar, Apple Music, Spotify, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and much more.

What is the meaning of OTT?

OTT means “topping up the excellence of entertainment,” as it moves beyond YouTube & social media. Yes, of course, this mighty industry of OTT stands for over-the-top.  This content is available to watch on computers and other OTT devices. However, the word right from regular viewing to “premium” HQ viewing makes a vivid difference. Using wireless internet, premium material, and high-quality, eye-gluing experiences are offered.

Here is how OTT Media technology works in action:
  • Firstly, media broadcasters upload video material to an over-the-top (OTT) video platform.
  • Next video data is transmitted through remote servers via seamless CDN Networks.
  • Later, your viewers can have varied content choices from user-end video gallery & stream
  • Finally, Hls video player on device pulls video content from CDN’s video streaming server via internet & disseminate

How Do OTT Services Work Technically? 

The integral aspect of choosing OTT streaming over conventional methodologies of showcasing entertainment depends on a promising video delivery environment that is at par.  While noticing the inherent problem in serving TV content stereotypically it doesn’t maintain a wide range of network performance.

Being at a high level, over-the-top media services are distributed in an unparalleled way to minimize the impact of such parameters. OTT technology will flexibly adjust to network performance of the entire transmitting chain live, withholding any buffers in between.

Ideally, during a swift network, the advanced player will buffer additional content in the first place & get ahead when smoothening periods of stagnation. This is done with ABR technology accelerating streams across devices like Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, Android TV app, or Laptop.

What Types of Content are Suitable for OTT?

While most people associate over-the-top streaming with video-on-demand, the technology truly encompasses a wide spectrum of web-based content. They are fragmented into:

  • Video

The most well-known form of OTT media services is associated with video streaming. Monthly-based or full-scale video subscription services like Netflix paid stores like iTunes, or ad-supported services just like YouTube are all popular top OTT platforms.

  • Audio

OTT solutions integrated into a audio streaming platform can also be used to stream audio. It has led to defining the future of digital music. Online radio stations live audio talk shows and podcasts are some of the most popular examples. Therefore has become a viable model for monetization.

  • Messaging

Users are connected directly through the internet, bypassing mobile SMS networks, via over top-based instant messaging services. These services are available from Facebook, Google, Skype, WeChat, and a range of other companies. Most can replace or integrate with text messaging functions on smartphones.

Now let’s look into how OTT videos are delivered

How OTT is Delivered?

One of the major reasons why OTT entertainment is so popular is its all-time accessibility. Customers only need a high-speed internet connection and a connected device that can run apps or browsers which is finely created through OTT app development to watch your exclusive content.

There are many devices through which you can entice larger segments of the audience.

1. Mobile OTT Devices

As you may know, with the HQ stream renditions OTT apps can be downloaded for relishing entertainment on the move on smartphones and tablets.

2. Personal Computers

This medium of OTT stays with unlimited boundaries, and this makes it easier for people to access materials using desktop apps or web browsers in every corner of the globe.

3. Smart TVs

The ability to sign in to your personalized account on the OTT media platform is made effortless! Therefore through devices like Roku, Apple TV app, or Fire Stick you can access your subscriptions anywhere at home.

4. Gaming Consoles

Target demographic within console games can be acquired via online video content where users tend to stream their favorite shows with popular  Playstations like XBOX one, Sony Playstation4, etc.

When we find OTT’s definition through different sources, we come to know that this streaming technology has evolved so much in trend that binge-watching has made a susceptible change in the industry.  Let’s look into its key takeaways!

Benefits of Having OTT For Your Business


1. Control & Take Charge

OTT means you have complete control over your creative content along with the brand, UX, audience analytics, monetization & other archive data during the time of launch. Youtube doesn’t give you that option.

2. Power Up with Ad-Free Content 

OTT has opened up the biggest possibility for showcasing ad-free content, with subscription services powering digital campaigns, targeted video advertising & inclusive of direct sponsorships.

3. Approach Directly to Consumer 

If your viewers ask what does OTT means and how it will be useful to me, then you can surely let them know, it is the best way to reach the target audience with valuable content. Then, you can directly give a VOD premium experience that you control. This enhances direct engagement, gaining prompt feedback.

4. Consumer Freedom is the Game Changer

Consumers find exactly what they are looking for since the emergence of OTT. More than ever, it gives maximum industry uptake, when users find utmost convenience and only pay for services that they opt for.

What Are The Great OTT Business Opportunities?

OTT undoubtedly symbolizes the future of media, whether you’re following up-and-finding new platforms or binge-watching the latest Netflix Original series. Being a part of it is an exciting moment. To get an overview, OTT technology has enormous potential to gain leverage, especially in non-entertainment sectors, added to worldwide adoption.

As stats indicate that on a scale of 100% nearly half of it has witnessed huge adoption of over-the-top services in North America leading the way. 

As the major broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS are prone to become extinct, the need for content is forcing these businesses to reconsider their marketing and delivery strategies. The main TV channel networks aren’t giving up their broadcast streams but likely work to pitch the OTT audience with digital streaming through OTT apps, platforms, and more.

What are the key challenges of OTT to consider?

Of course, there are some significant pitfalls in OTT that you should be aware of!

Challenges of OTT

Definitely unveiling them would help you to know the other angles of the aspect, and make a wise decision that’s perfectly a business fit in relation to brand objectives.

Some of them are listed below: 
  • With heavy loaded distribution picture quality is a challenge, but premium OTT testing and monitoring tools can help
  • Multiple video streaming services, CDNs, and local Internet are frequently used in OTT applications, creating room for troubleshooting issues
  • For OTT providers, surely a good user experience will be a critical difference, impacting services
  • Live OTT delivery is a bit more difficult because it must work across, non-reliant internet networks and distribute to an infinite number of devices
  • Also guareeded HQ delivery, operational intelligence becomes a key aspect to ensure for users as OTT providers

How to Build a Prospective OTT Platform?

When most people think of best online video platforms, they get reminded of OTT services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, Hulu, and others. Are you looking to be one of the top ones?? Here is some primary stuff that you’ll need to do!

You’ll need to choose a popular industry niche when you start building your self-hosted OTT platforms. Today, one of the most identified & trending niches is entertainment. If you are ready to make one, where audiences can associate with behemoths like Netflix, you would stick as a competitor in the market outlining a meaningful streaming landscape.

2. Go For A Unique Monetization Model

Users of OTT platforms can monetize both on-demand and live videos. On-demand content is becoming prevalent, where targets can view them leisurely or engage in ongoing live content from anywhere across the globe. Both of them can be integrated once created with revenue-building of video monetization platform models like SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, PVOD, Catch-Up TV, SSAI, etc.

3. Make Your OTT Video Website

It’s time to develop a website where you can embed & host your films now that you’ve decided on your business plan. Using a website to distribute your content creates a lucrative room to scale up the business. Right from adding it to your budding email list, integrating payment gateway, engaging audiences live & furnishing quick customer support will help you to grow prospectively.

4. Develop a Professional OTT App

OTT apps are the frontiers of video streaming, giving customers the freedom to view anything they want, whenever or wherever they want, on any device. Firstly, you will have to decide what kind of content you are aiming to put across which can be interest-friendly & have leaping visits on your app. Let’s say, if your videos are focused on fitness, you can offer the best stay-fit practices.

5. Let Your Curative Content Be Device-Friendly

It’s vital that your content delivery shouldn’t be restricted just to mobile or desktop platforms. Ensure that it can be conveniently downloaded or accessed from any device, which includes Tablets, Gaming Consoles, Blu-ray players, Smart TVs, etc. Making sure of content available across devices can help you to outreach larger audiences effortlessly.

6. Prefer To Shape Your Brand With End to End Support

Unless you allow in-app purchases with secured payment gateways or incorporate multi-DRM solutions, subscribers will be unable to purchase or access content with surety thus allowing them to utilize the app. That’s why end-to-end solutions for your best video streaming platforms support are vital.  This helps to consistently serve nothing but the best, assuring heightened brand loyalty.

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