How To Setup IPTV On Any Device In 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

This detailed guide will show you How to Setup IPTV on Firestick, Android TV, and any device in 2024.

All you need to set up IPTV is a stable Internet connection, a streaming device, and a reliable IPTV service.

IPTV stands for “Internet Protocol Television,” which means watching live TV online. This evolving technology is used by millions of cord-cutters from around the world who are looking to ditch their expensive cable/satellite bills.

The information in this setup guide will save you thousands of dollars and still provide you with your favorite channels, VOD content, sports packages, PPV, catchup, and more.

If you are new to IPTV, we recommend first watching our video below that will walk you through step by step how to get started with this technology.

In addition to setting up an IPTV service, we show you how to do this 100% anonymously so your data is protected from your Internet service provider (ISP), hackers, service operators, and other watchdog groups.

Using unverified IPTV services isn’t recommended unless you use the security precautions that we outline in this guide.

Before we start setting up IPTV, another point to mention is that you must be using a compatible streaming device that can run IPTV services.

The most popular device for watching IPTV is the Amazon Firestick due to its low price point and ability to jailbreak the device.

Other examples of compatible streaming devices include the following:

  • Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Cube
  • Android TV Boxes (NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast, MECOOL, TiVo Stream 4K, etc)
  • Android phones and tablets
  • iOS devices (iPhones & iPads)
  • IPTV boxes

IMPORTANT NOTE: You must follow this IPTV setup guide from start to finish! We’ve spent hours putting together these tutorials and we strongly recommend you use all of them to enhance your live TV experience.

Thanks for letting us share our cord-cutting passion with you!

How to Setup IPTV – Overview

Guide 1: This will show you how to protect yourself from IPTV service operators, hackers, developers, your Internet Service Provider, and other watchdog groups when using these unverified services.

Guide 2: This will show you how to get an anonymous email address to protect your identity when registering for unverified IPTV services.

Guide 3: This includes a step-by-step tutorial on registering for a popular IPTV service 100% anonymously.

Guide 4: This will show you how to install and setup the IPTV service app on your streaming device so you can start watching live TV!

Guide One – Protect Yourself Online When Streaming IPTV

The first step before setting up IPTV is to protect yourself and ensure peace of mind.

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to use Surfshark VPN to protect yourself online when using unverified services and apps.

Surfshark VPN App on Firestick

We have NO IDEA what IPTV service operators are doing with user information.

And these same individuals are often tied to organized crime, such as trafficking, fraud, arms dealing, and other malicious activities.

Operators have also been known to hand over user data to authorities if confiscated. Not a good thing for user privacy.

We have seen several instances of anti-piracy authorities pursuing IPTV operations and even arresting the individuals in charge.


Once you set up an IPTV service website or app, you share your identifying IP Address with them.

A quality VPN will provide you with an anonymous connection to the Internet so the IPTV devs can’t identify you personally.

It also blocks your Internet Service Provider (ISP), government, and other 3rd parties from logging what you’re accessing online.

Did you know that in the United States, your ISP can sell your online activities to outside entities?

A good VPN blocks all your Internet activity from your ISP, so there’s nothing to sell.


Screenshot Guide

1. Visit the Surfshark VPN website and click Get Surfshark.

2. Choose your plan. We suggest getting the “Surfshark Starter” plan with our huge discount.

3. Enter your email and choose a payment method.

4. Enter your payment information and click Complete Purchase.

5. That’s it! After payment is complete be sure to check your email for login credentials. Write this down as you will be using your login information in the next sections.

6. Next install the Surfshark VPN app on your Windows PC, Mac, tablet, phone, or whatever device you will be using to sign up for an IPTV service. Simply visit the Surfshark website and they provide an installation file for each device.

Continue below to get a free anonymous email address to add further protection.


Guide Two – How to Get an Anonymous Email Address

In addition to a VPN, using an anonymous email address provides added protection when setting up IPTV.

You don’t want to register for a questionable IPTV service with an email address that personally identifies you!

After countless service trials and months of research, our private email service of choice is StartMail.

StartMail is a private email solution that protects your data, activity, and privacy. It includes features like extra-secure data storage, disposable alias email addresses, and more. It also has easy-to-use one-click encryption and a very clear privacy policy, making it popular among users who value their privacy.

In our case we created a disposable alias email address labeled “[email protected]” to sign up for unverified live TV services.



Keep reading below on how to register for IPTV services 100% anonymously.

Guide Three – How to Sign Up for IPTV Service (Anonymously)

Now that you have a VPN and an anonymous email address, you can have peace of mind when setting up IPTV services.

As mentioned before, we have NO IDEA what these IPTV service operators are doing with user information, and there have been cases in the past where IPTV operators have given up user data to authorities!

Follow the steps below on how to set up an IPTV service anonymously. We suggest doing this on a Windows PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.

In this example, we are using one of the most popular IPTV services available. Since most unverified IPTV services use the same registration technology, this process will be similar for any provider you choose on our list.

1. The very first thing to do is launch Surfshark VPN and connect to the fastest server. This will hide your IP Address when signing up for an unverified live TV service.

If you don’t register with your VPN on, they will have your identifying IP Address that points directly back to you.

2. Choose an IPTV provider from our list of best services and visit their website. Then click “Subscribe Now” or whatever the option says to purchase a subscription.

3. Choose whichever plan you prefer and click Order Now. We suggest choosing a Month to Month plan since unverified IPTV services can sometimes go offline without notice.

4. On the Review & Checkout page click the green Checkout box.

5. You are then usually directed to the Checkout page. Enter the required information and scroll down.

Reminder: Use your anonymous email address where it asks for an email!

6. Then choose your payment method, fill out the details, and click Complete Order.

Reminder: We suggest paying with Bitcoin/crypto, PayPal, CashApp, or masked credit cards using Abine Blur to ensure you are paying anonymously.

7. After your payment and registration have been processed, you will receive an important confirmation email with login credentials, receipt, and installation instructions.

We suggest writing down your login credentials as you will need them in the next steps. You have successfully registered for an IPTV service!

Now continue reading below for instructions on installing an IPTV app on your streaming device.

Guide Four – How to Install IPTV Service Apps

After setting up an IPTV service we now need to install an application on our device to start watching live channels.

Custom IPTV Apps

Some services will provide their own custom applications that can be side-loaded on Firestick/Fire TV or Android devices.

Instructions for installing these custom apps can be found in the confirmation emails from your live TV service.

Example of an IPTV Custom Application
IPTV Players

Since most live TV services do not offer a custom application many users will turn to IPTV players for pairing their services.

The most popular players are IPTV Smarters Pro and TiviMate due to their user-friendliness and advanced features.

TiviMate Interface

Below we walk you through how to install a popular live TV player and setup your IPTV service.

How to Install & Setup IPTV Service

Before you start watching any live channels from unverified services, it’s important you connect to Surfshark VPN so your online identity is hidden from your ISP, IPTV service operators, hackers, and others.

See our VPN on Firestick/Android Tutorial if you are using one of these devices to watch IPTV.

Once you are connected to Surfshark we suggest turning on the Kill Switch. The Kill Switch is extremely important as if it ever goes off, boom they have your IP address…

Now that our online privacy is protected with Surfshark VPN, we can install and set up the IPTV service!


Continue reading for additional information on making your IPTV experience the best possible.

How to Setup IPTV (Bonus Features)

Now that you have successfully installed IPTV Smarters and paired your live TV service, there are many bonus features that this app has to offer.

Some of the popular features are adding channel favorites, adding external video players, and others.

Adding Channels to Favorites

The ability to add channels to favorites is one of the best features of using IPTV Smarters! Follow the short guide below on how to add channels to favorites.

1. Locate any preferred channel and hold down the OK button.

2. Click Add to Favourite.

3. You will notice a star icon next to the channel.

4. Return back to the channel category list and click Favourites.

5. Notice your selected channel is now located within your Favorites!

6. If you want to remove a channel from your Favorites, hover over a channel and hold down the OK button on your remote and click Remove from Favourite.

7. That’s it! You can now add/remove channels from Favorites within this IPTV player.

Adding External Video Players

Another great feature of IPTV Smarters is the ability to add external video players like MX Player.

In the example below, we show how to integrate an external player.

1. From the home screen, click Settings.

2. Select External Players.

3. Click Add Player.

4. Choose whichever external player you prefer. For this instance, we chose MX Player.

5. Click Add.

6. That’s it! You will notice a message saying “Player added successfully.”

Overall, we hope this guide showed you how to setup IPTV on any device!

Our tips will save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars per year for watching live TV, movies, TV series, and other media.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Do I Need for IPTV?

To use IPTV, you need a stable Internet connection, a streaming device, and an IPTV service.

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. This means live TV that is broadcasted via the Internet.

Can I Setup IPTV for Free?

Yes, there are hundreds of free IPTV applications and websites available online. However, these often buffer and don’t provide the best content options.

Is IPTV Legal?

There are tons of live TV services available, however, not all have the proper licensing to stream live channels. Make sure you are using legal options. See our guide on the legality of IPTV for more details on this common question.

Is IPTV Better than Cable?

IPTV is usually cheaper than cable and provides more streaming options such as VOD, PPV, adult, catch-up, and more.

Is There a Monthly Fee for IPTV?

While there are free live TV apps and websites available, any reliable IPTV service will cost a monthly fee. This is typically under $20 per month.

What are the benefits of IPTV?

IPTV offers several benefits over traditional cable or satellite TV, including more channels, flexibility, lower cost, and no contracts.

How do I troubleshoot IPTV problems?

If you are having problems with your IPTV, we suggest checking your Internet connection, restarting your router, or contacting your live TV provider for help.

What are the drawbacks of IPTV?

Some drawbacks of using IPTV include geo-restricted content, potential buffering, poor customer service, shady operators, and the quality can vary.

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