How To Enable Developer Options On Firestick & Fire TV (2024)

Are you looking for Developer Options on your Firestick or Fire TV Device? This guide will show you how to enable this feature on any Firestick device including Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Cube, and smart Fire TVs.

Developer Options is the setting used to enable apps from unknown sources. In other words,  this is how we can side-load applications that aren’t available in the Amazon App Store.

This is key for Firestick users who want to get the most out of their device and a major issue for those who do not see this option within Settings.

Enabling Developer Options is the first step we must take in order to Unlock Amazon Firestick or Fire TV.

Developer Options Missing – What Happened?

According to multiple reports and some Patrons from the VPNaccess Insider, many Firestick users are no longer seeing the Developer Options setting within My Fire TV.

This change seems to have occurred on Fire TV devices that are running the Fire TV Operating System 7 and above. You can find the version of your device under the About section:

If you are not running Fire OS 7 or above and wish to upgrade, use the guide below to learn how to update your software.

How to Enable Developer Options on Firestick & Fire TV

Currently, the Fire OS software is a special version of the Android Operating System developed for Fire TV devices. However, it appears that Amazon will soon be removing this software and replacing it with their own OS which they have termed “Vega”.

Due to this news, some are speculating that Amazon may eventually remove the ability to side-load third-party apps on its Fire TV devices.

While it’s unclear if this will be the case, the good news is you can still enable apps from unknown sources even if you have received this update and the Developer Options setting is gone.

If you fall into this category follow the quick video tutorial or screenshot guide below.

Use the guide below that will allow you to unleash the true power of your Firestick / Fire TV Cube after enabling Developer Options.

Screenshot Guide

1. Hover over the Settings icon and click My Fire TV.

2. Click About.

Note: Notice Developer Options is missing.

3. Hover over Fire TV Stick 4K Max or whatever your device is and click the OK button on your remote 7 times to become a developer.

You will then encounter a message at the bottom of your screen stating “No need, you are already a developer.”

5. Click the back button on your remote and you will notice Developer Options is now showing within My Fire TV.

That’s it! Hopefully, this article cleared up any confusion about Amazon’s removal of the Developer Options setting.

We will keep our visitors informed as new information is released. There are currently no press releases from any official Amazon sources.

Comment Below

Is the Developer Options setting removed from your Firestick or Fire TV device? Is Amazon slowly removing Developer Options from its devices?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Developer Options Missing on Firestick?

Amazon has been rolling out software updates on Fire TV devices that remove the Developer Options setting.

How do I Allow Content from Unknown Sources on Firestick?

Now that Amazon is removing Developer Options, there is a new method to allow apps from unknown sources. Click My Fire TV, click About, then click Fire TV Stick seven times until you become a developer.

Is Allowing Apps From Unknown Sources Legal?

Yes, allowing apps from unknown sources is completely legal on a Fire TV device as you are simply changing a few settings.

What is ADB debugging on Firestick?

ADB debugging is a setting that allows you to connect your development computer to an Amazon Firestick or Fire TV device for installing and debugging your apps.

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