Best FireStick Browsers (2024) – How to Install & Set up

In this post, I am providing a list of the Best FireStick Browsers. These browsers work on FireStick 2nd Gen, Fire Stick 4K, Fire TV Cube, New FireStick 4K, New FireStick 4K Max and even some older models of Fire TV.

While Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV are more popularly known for their streaming abilities, they can do more than just play your favorite movies and shows. You can play video games as well as browse the internet via web browsers.

When it comes to browsers for FireStick, Amazon Store offers very limited choices. However, it is still better than Android TV devices where Google has completely removed all the browsers from the Play Store.

I am rounding up the best FireStick browsers you can download on your device. You can use these browsers to access websites or stream content on web-only streaming services.

The browsers we are going to learn about in this article can all be downloaded from the official Amazon Store. I do not recommend sideloading the unsupported browsers on FireStick. They are too much of a hassle and do not offer a good browsing experience.

For instance, Google Chrome is not available on Amazon Store. You can download it manually. However, you will need a mouse toggle to operate it. If you are interested, you can follow this guide to install Chrome on FireStick.

How to Install FireStick Browsers

Since I am recommending the official browsers, you can get them all from the Amazon Store. There is no need to sideload them onto your FireStick. Follow these steps to install the preferred Fire Stick browser:

1. Choose Find > Search on your Fire TV Stick home screen.

If your FireStick hasn’t updated to the new interface yet, select the lens icon in the top-left corner.

2. Type in the browser’s name (say, Silk browser). Click the browser in the search results.

3. Click the browser icon/tile on the following window.

4. Now, click Get/Download on this window and wait for the browser to download and install.

5. Click Open to access the installed browser.

Best FireStick Browsers

Here is our list of the best browsers for FireStick. There is also a bonus section at the end of the list.

1. Amazon Silk – Web Browser

Amazon Silk is a simple FireStick browser with easy controls. It was specially created for Fire TV devices, but Silk also offers a version for Kindle devices.

Just like Firefox, Silk Browser lets you create bookmarks. However, creating and managing bookmarks with Silk is relatively much easier. Once you open a webpage or website, click the star icon in the menu bar on the top to create a bookmark. If you don’t see the menu bar, simply press the menu key on the FireStick remote to bring it up.

You can view and access all your bookmarks from the home screen of the browser.

Amazon Silk browser on Firestick allows you to request the desktop version of a website. Click the TV icon in the menu bar on the top after opening the webpage to load the desktop version. The desktop version may offer a better browsing experience sometimes.

Silk Browser uses Bing as the default search engine. However, you can easily switch to your favorite search engine from the browser settings.

To change the default search engine, click Settings at the bottom of the home screen

Click Advanced on the following screen

Click Search engine next and choose from one of the following search engines: Bing, Google, Yahoo!, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia.

You can also access several other options to customize your experience from the browser settings. You can change cursor and scrolling speed, manage passwords, manage addresses and personal information, and change Privacy settings, Accessibility tools, and Parental controls.

Amazon Silk FireStick browser keeps the history of the visited websites and webpages. To remove history, you may click Clear history and data on the home screen of the browser

You can use the Private mode while visiting websites if you don’t want the browser to keep the history.

Click the Enter Private Browsing icon in the menu on the top to do that


  • Easy to use
  • Create personal bookmarks
  • Displays trending videos based on your browsing history
  • Private Browsing available
  • Lets you change the default search engine


  • Sign in and syncing across devices not available
  • Does not cast tabs from other devices
2. Mozilla Firefox for Fire TV/FireStick

Note: Firefox is no longer supported on FireStick/Fire TV as of April 30, 2021. You must now see the following prompt when you open this browser.

Upon clicking Learn More, the following webpage is displayed:

Firefox is one of the most popular names in the world of browsers; probably just second to Google Chrome. Firefox is also one of the few browsers available on Amazon Fire TV.

You can download Firefox directly from the Amazon Store. It lets you access just about any website you want, including social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. You can also open YouTube in Firefox and stream your favorite videos.

Firefox uses Google as the only search engine if you want to look up with keywords or phrases. Unfortunately, there is no way to change the default search engine. If you want to use any other search engine, say, Bing, you must type the URL manually.

In addition to pre-pinned websites, Firefox also allows you to Pin/Bookmark websites and webpages. You just need to type in the URL in the address bar and click the Pin button above it.

Firefox Firestick browser also comes with a Turbo Mode that blocks the ads and trackers. Turbo Mode works with most websites, but it may cause display issues with some. You can quickly toggle between Turbo Mode and normal mode by clicking the rocket icon above the address bar on the home screen of Firefox.

You can also cast Firefox tabs from your mobile or computer onto FireStick. For that, you will need to sign in to Firefox browser and mobile/computer browser with the same Firefox account. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up here:


  • Easy to use
  • Let’s you pin/bookmark websites
  • Can cast tabs from mobiles/computers


  • Google is the default search engine and you cannot change it
  • Does not keep viewing history on the device. Also, does not sync history with other devices even when you are signed in
  • Very few settings to customize the experience
3. Downloader

Downloader is primarily a tool for sideloading apps on Fire TV devices. However, it doubles as a browser with a built-in browser function.

If you are looking for basic browsing, without any added features, Downloader would do the job just fine. For instance, you can access any website and click links on the webpages.

Since Downloader is a sideloading tool, it lets you directly download files (such as APK files) from the links on a webpage. This feature is not supported by the other two browsers we have discussed.

The Downloader browser does not have any built-in search engine. Meaning that you cannot look up keywords by typing them in the address bar. You must access a search engine by typing its URL (such as

You can bookmark webpages by adding them to ‘Favorites’. The browser also lets you view the web pages in full-screen mode. You can zoom in and out of a webpage directly from the remote or browser menu. If a page doesn’t load properly, you can also disable or enable JavaScript and reload the page.

The following image shows the Downloader browser menu options

In the following image, you can see the browser controls via FireStick remote and Amazon game controller

While Downloader is not a full-featured browser, it is good enough for quick browsing.


  • A good option for basic browsing
  • Allows file downloads/side loads directly from webpages
  • Lets you add bookmarks


  • No search engine integration
4. Bonus – Bookmarker app for Amazon Silk and Firefox (a FireStick browser utility)

We are talking about a browser and a Bookmarker app here. With just one click, the Bookmarker app lets you quickly and easily load specific websites/webpages in the Amazon Silk or Firefox browser.

The Bookmarker app appears among the other installed apps on FireStick. You need to set the specific URL and the browser in which the URL is opened.

You can download up to 9 Bookmarker apps. Each Bookmarker app opens only one URL. Each Bookmarker app can either use Amazon Silk or Firefox.

There is one Bookmarker dedicated to which opens YouTube in the browser of your choice.

Let me show you how it works to make it clearer.

Choose the Find > Search option on the Fire TV Stick home screen

If you still have the old FireStick interface, select the search option in the top-left corner of your home-screen

Lookup for ‘Bookmarker’ and click it in the search suggestions

Click the Bookmarker app you want to install. You can install as many Bookmarker apps as the number of bookmarks you want to create. However, as I said, there are only 9 Bookmarker apps available. Meaning, you can create up to 9 bookmarks.

Note: You must remember which Bookmarker number you have used for which URL.

You don’t have to install or use them in any specific order. For instance, you can get number 3 Bookmarker even if you haven’t downloaded 1 or 2. It won’t make any difference.

Click Download/Get

Click Open

On the first run, you will need to specify the URL you want to bookmark and choose the browser you want to open the URL with. You can also have the Bookmaker app prompt you to select a browser every time it is opened

Type in the URL, choose the browser option and click Save Settings

Note: If you haven’t downloaded any browser, the Bookmarker app will prompt you to download one first. You will see the following window.

Clicking the Install option will install the specific browser

If you have already installed a browser and it doesn’t appear here, click Detect Browser

You can now access the Bookmarker app from Your Apps & Channels section. As I said, it appears alongside other installed apps on FireStick.

The app reset is required if you want to reconfigure a Bookmarker app with a new URL and/or a different browser.

Go to Fire Stick Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications

Click the Bookmarker app

Next, click Clear Data followed by Clear Data again

This will reset the app and let you configure it again with any other URL and browser of your choice

Wrapping Up

You can primarily use two full-fledged FireStick browsers – Amazon Silk and Firefox. Even though Downloader doubles as a browser, it offers limited features. You probably don’t need any other browser if you have Silk or Firefox. Let me know how you like these browsers via the comments section below.

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